Friday, May 18, 2012


You can now follow me on twitter as I make all sorts of interesting twits and twats as @admirals_club, and here's some trip-hop to diversify your sound palate.

Some Bossanova sound:

A little bit of trip-hop:

The word of the day is Dynamics:

A bit of vocal trip-hop:

And some super smooth stuff to finish it off:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Way Life Should Be...

...Evil drop.

Vladimir Matveev/Gui Borrato Dark Side of Oz

Start both songs at the same time but mute the first one, made to be. Unless you're not into sentimental music videos with a creepy homeless guy, then just click the post below for a song called SKULLLSSS!

This song is so full of good vibes though:


Double bass..


And the award for deepest bass goes to:

Green Velvet/Pleasurekraft

...La La Land, Pleasurekraft Remix

More upbeat: Aka Aka, umami & Thalstroem (What Matters)

Hanne & Lore Remix

The original, some sweeeet trumpet at 3:30.

Andrea Roma (Pi Pi Pi)

Beatports #1 minimal track today, and for good reason.